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How to Get Endorsed for Skills on LinkedIn


Getting more endorsements on LinkedIn for skills — applicable both to yourself and the types of job you seek — is an important aspect of any modern career development.

It used to mean that if someone was active on LinkedIn = they’re looking for a job. Times have changed. Now, it is accepted that people use LinkedIn… actually it’s expected.


  • To manage…

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Personality Types: The Result of Humanity’s Evolution?

Personality Types: The Result of Humanity’s Evolution?


A Sensors role is to maintain and protect society, and they tend to think in a one-by-one manner, when it comes to concepts.

An intuitive’s role in society is to innovate, design, enhance, invent, and lead during times of great change or chaos. They tend to think about a million different things at the same time, lol.

I like to look at personality types from an evolutionary standpoint.


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Sensors vs Intuitives - What Role Does Each Type Play in Society?

Sensors vs Intuitives – What Role Does Each Type Play in Society?


I hear often, when talking to another intuitive person for the first time about personality types, the same general complaint:

“So and so” [A Sensing Type] thinks I’m weird. [An Intuitive Type]

The best is the look on the person’s face, when I respond with: “Well, they (The Sensing Type) are absolutely correct.”

“Weird,” by definition, is something that is abnormal, uncanny, strange, unusual, or…

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How to Disagree, Win Arguments, and Not Create Enemies.

The web is turning writing into a conversation.

Twenty years ago, writers wrote and readers read. Now, the Internet lets people respond, and increasingly they do: in comment threads, on forums, and in their blog posts.

Many who respond to something disagree with it.

That’s to be expected… Agreeing tends to motivate people less than disagreeing, and when you agree, there’s less to say.

You couldex…

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